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Posters and Information

Posters and Information are large format poster signs to highlight a course of action or behaviour that must not be taken or committed, in order to ensure maximum safety precautions have been taken and any risks have been assessed and addressed.

Within the workplace environment these posters and information guides should be very visible. This to insure employees and visitors do not forget the action they should not commit, to ensure staff and visitor safety, in a way that is eassy to read and often contains pictorial support and photos.

At Lime Green Sign Machine we have a comprehensive range of posters and information guides for all your building requirements and staff. Most of all, our signs are ISO 7010 compliant. As a result you can shop and buy with confidence that your legislation requirements will be met with posters from us.

Furthermore, if you can not see the specific sign you require, please feel free to contact us for some guidance. While our range of ready made signs is quite comprehensive, we also offer a bespoke poster and information guide service. Hence Lime Green Sign Machine is your one stop shop for all your bespoke and tailormade posters and information posters.


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