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First Aid Posters

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First aid posters are in essence large poster like Safety Signs. They are supportive of the statutory signage. They can also be a legal requirement ie, the HSL poster.

First Aid posters should be easily located. Staff should be pre-taught the display locations, in order that they can be quickly accessed in the event of an emergency. They also need to be up to date for best practice.

At Lime Green Sign Machine we have a comprehensive list of first aid posters and Signs for all your building requirements. Most of all, our signs are ISO 7010 compliant. As a result you can shop and buy with confidence that your legislation requirements can be met with signs from us.

Furthermore, if you can not see the specific sign you require, please feel free to contact us for some guidance. While our range of ready made signs is quite comprehensive, we also offer a bespoke sign service. Hence Lime Green Sign Machine is your one stop shop for first aid posters.


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