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Good To Go Safety

Good To Go Safety Kits are an innovative range of checklists and tagging systems for workplace equipment. Allows competent inspectors to carry out regular checks and clearly communicate the findings to all employees.

Good To Go Checklists & Signage offers a simple effective and affordable solution to equipment safety. They are flexible to meet your needs, buy as individual components or in kit format, dependent on the frequency of your inspections.

Pre Use Safety Posters

Posters are a great way of engaging your employees in the safety of the machinery or equipment that they are using. That is why Lime Green Sign Machine offers posters to guide an employee to inspect their machinery or equipment to see if it is safe to use and what to do if it were to go wrong.

It is also a really simple way to understand the different parts of the equipment, as it outlines the safety features of the equipment and how to identify if any action is required to prevent injury or machinery malfunction.

Good To Go Daily Safety Kits

Daily safety kits are an essential part to any equipment that needs to be constantly monitored for any potential risks or hazardous concerns. This is why a daily checkup on the equipment is so important to the employees well being. They Include everything necessary for a year of daily checkups, designed for a 5 day working week there are 275 individual checklists, this allows the relevant person to check each item or component on the checklist and identify any potential problems before the equipment is used. The checklists are all compliant with WAHR, PUWER and HSE regulations and best practice. The Tag is highly prominent which gives a clear indication of the equipment’s current safety status. We have allowed for a duplicate copy of completed checklist to be stored for admin recollection.

Daily Good To Go Safety Kit

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